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Aug 26, 2020

Hydro aims to decentralize financial services by bringing the public blockchain to traditionally private systems. It allows developers around the world to enhance their platforms and applications by leveraging blockchain technology. Hydro consists of 5 phases, Raindrop, Snowflake, Ice, Tide, Mist and Hail — contain underlying protocols that are open architecture.

Any developer globally can build a dApp or series of dApps on top of the protocols. For example, in Raindrop, Hydrogen's development team, one of the developers building on top of the Hydro protocols, has created a mobile app for two-factor authentication that interacts with the smart contracts. In Snowflake, dApps can be built by third-parties to rank and score validators, or even to onboard customers at a bank through KYC. Thousands of dApps will be built on top of Hydro by the community, making the ecosystem sustainable in perpetuity.

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