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Mar 16, 2022 is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that is a subsidiary of the well-known Binance exchange. It is a U.S. focused version of the platform and is known for its high liquidity, user-friendly interface, and advanced trading tools.


One of the standout features of is its high liquidity, which allows for fast and efficient trading. The platform has a wide range of trading pairs available, which allows users to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the platform's high liquidity also helps to minimize slippage and ensure that orders are executed at the best available prices.

Interface also has a user-friendly interface that is designed to be easy to navigate and understand, even for novice traders. The platform's order book and trade history are clearly displayed, allowing users to easily track their trades. Additionally, the platform offers a mobile app version, which makes it very convenient for users to trade on the go.

Trading Tools

The platform also provides advanced trading tools such as stop-loss and limit orders, which are useful for managing risk and maximizing profits. These tools allow users to set specific parameters for their trades and can help to minimize losses and maximize gains. The platform also provides margin trading and futures trading which can be useful for experienced traders.


In terms of security, has implemented multiple layers of protection to ensure the safety of users' assets. The platform uses cold storage for the majority of its cryptocurrency holdings and employs SSL encryption for all data transfer. Additionally, 2FA is available for added security. The platform also has a strict security policy in place to ensure the safety of users' assets.

Compliance with U.S. regulations is fully compliant with all U.S. regulations and has obtained a Money Transmitter License (MTL) in the United States. This means that the platform has undergone a thorough review by regulatory authorities and has been found to be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. This can provide added peace of mind for users who are concerned about the legality of trading on a cryptocurrency exchange.

However, it is important to note that while has many strengths, it also has some limitations. The platform's trading volume is relatively low compared to other exchanges and it does not offer as many altcoin trading pairs as some of its competitors. Additionally, it is always advisable to do your own research and invest only what you can afford to lose.

In conclusion, is a solid choice for cryptocurrency traders looking for a high liquidity platform with a user-friendly interface and advanced trading tools. The platform's high liquidity and advanced trading tools

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Jude 28 July 2022

They never let us withdraw, and they will never reply to there email or calls, I have no choice but to call an expert recovery company Finalresolute. com and in no time they got my funds back for me. contact them if you or any friends are involved in such situation.

Samina Mcgrath 21 March 2022

I don't even know where to start. Customer service was extremely poor. I've been waiting weeks for my account to be verified. One of the transactions is still stuck and hasn't moved anywhere, and almost everything I did here happened with great inconvenience

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