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Mar 04, 2020

Somish is an Indian tech company existing since 2006. The main focus of Somish is the development of automation systems. The key idea of the company is “Management through Technology”.  Throughout the years the team was creating the automation solutions for the Aviation industry, Banking sphere, Government, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, and so on.

These days, Somish is widely using blockchain technology as it became a well-known and effective automation solution. To date, the company there are many use cases of blockchain-based products made by SOMISH for bill discounting, subsidy distribution, P2P insurance, tokenized fund transfer, aviation maintenance log, etc.

Somish develops smart contracts in order to create peer-to-peer financial ecosystems free of the middlemen. These ecosystems are supposed to be quick, cheap, and fraud-resistant. Moreover, the company is working on Proof-of-Concept-based blockchain solutions for other enterprises and government agencies. The Ethereum-based solutions are used for lending, crowdfunding campaigns, non-fungible asset tokenization, and other purposes. Another type of product that Somish is capable of developing is cryptocurrency exchanges. It's worth saying that SOMISH is working on all kinds of exchanges depending on the client's demands.

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