Località: Switzerland
Lancio: 2019
Sito web:
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Nov 26, 2020

Launched in May 2019, TCHAPP is an iOS app mobile exchange that is 100% owned by Thore exchange/Thore Network. It is registered in the Swiss crypto valley.

TCHApp's mission is to facilitate developer activity and build a platform that connects global exchange and liquidity markets. It aims to become the Universal Crypto Trading API. The first step in realizing this vision is to support major exchanges in the industry. TCHApp is also a crypto management tool that lets anyone manage their own cryptocurrency assets like an index portfolio. Users are able to configure a custom cryptocurrency portfolio and implement a passive management strategy with its inbuilt Trade Signal facility.

TCHApp aspires to become the standard spot digital asset market trading solution for both basic and advanced traders.

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Bill 2 December 2020

Honestly, I did not enter the account on the exchange for about two months. Today I made a deposit (coin) on the site, changed it for another coin, withdrew from the exchange to my wallet, without any problems.

Località: Switzerland
Lancio: 2019
Sito web:
App mobile: -