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By Cryptogeek | 21 Aug

TerraGreen project is aimed at connecting producers of renewable energy with energy consumers. Better awareness of people about the sources of energy they use and the ability to choose from different options is supposed to increase the efficiency of energy consumption, make it cheaper, more reasonable and less harmful for the environment. On the other hand, energy producers will have a direct and transparent channel to sell their product. One of the goals of TerraGreen is funding of the renewable energy sector (specifically, the energy created from waste materials). Another big step the company plans is creating TerraGreen blockchain that will host DApps for renewable energy projects. The ecosystem will use TerraGreen tokens (TerraGreen coin). Currently, the company has made deals with such renewable energy developers as AVI Renewable SdnBhd, Augustina Tradelink Pvt Ltd, and Ajil Biofuel SdnBhd. 


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13 September, 6:20 AM

TerraGreen is essentially a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), governed autonomously on the basis of pre-defined instructions in the form of smart contracts. Initially, TerraGreen shall delve into the realm of, but not limited to, green-energy, Bio-fertilizers and power generation.

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