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Aug 19, 2020

Adaminers is an ETH, ETC mining pool (more currencies are expected to be supported in the future). It provides miners with European and Turkish servers, allowing them to choose between PPS or SOLO payment methods.

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Ease of use 1 / 5
Security 1 / 5
Fees 1 / 5
Reputation 1 / 5
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1.0 / 5
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Martin Alekseevich 22 December 2020

The walking dead pool. But not walking, just dead

Tegel 19 December 2020

I hope they'll fix captcha.

Olsen 14 November 2020

ETC rewards don't work, I can't get anything.

Kostre 18 October 2020

I didn't find many information about the exchange. It seemed ok, a feel that the minning can bring me some rewards. It's been a month since I've started but I still looking for something. I thing it's better to give up

List of coins

# Currency
  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
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