Was sind Smart-Verträge?

Sep 09, 2019


What is a contract?

Before understanding deeply into the smart contracts, let us recall the meaning of the term 'contract'. A contract is a legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties.

Smart contracts (also self-executing contracts, blockchain contracts, digital contracts) is a digital form of agreement stored in the blockchain, executed automatically, without the involvement of intermediaries if certain conditions are met. In the beginning, Nick Szabo's idea of ​​smart contracts, using automated machines as an example, was published in 1997.

For example, you have to buy a product with a certain characteristic, a certain color and quality. It means conditions or rules about simple cryptocurrency money transfer protocols can run. Smart contract addresses require specific validation for blockchain applications.

What it is all about - advantages and disadvantages

The basic idea of ​​smart contracts is to interpret the discrepancy between the contract terms by the parties. Can make smart contracts instead of trusting the judicial system.

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How does smart contracts work?

Smart contracts are based on blockchain technology, the decentralized system from which users manage transactions, transfer information and material value without banks and intermediaries. Smart contracts only follow the instructions given to them. The contract is distributed and copied several times between the nodes of the platform. The contract will be executed in accordance with the contract terms after the trigger happens. The program automatically checks the implementation of the commitments.

Dennoch ist die häufigste Verwendung von Smart-Verträgen ist die einfache Übertragung von Kryptowährung Vermögenswerte. Aber es der Möglichkeiten weiter:


Sie können die Smart Verträge in Alltagssituationen nutzen, aber ihr größtes Potenzial ist in der Finanzbranche. Smart-Verträge helfen, das Problem des Misstrauens zwischen den Parteien und Partnern zu lösen. Zum Beispiel:

Innovative oder revolutionär, es ist auch kommerziell nützlich oder in der Lage tatsächliche rechtliche Probleme zu lösen.

Vertrag vs Smart-Verträge

Smart Verträge - Zukunft der Verträge

Why is it our future? Smart contracts are more flexible than a real contract, powerful function if they are properly designed and coded to displace traditional legal contracts and the ability for two parties to improve, to ensure that contracts of all kinds can be better enforced and, as a result, autonomously , efficient and transparent systems.

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