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Was sind Mining Pools?

Sep 09, 2019

What is mining pools?

A mining pool is a specific server that is used to distribute Bitcoin mining or other types of digital coins between participants in the pool.

Each member of the pool input sends the power of his equipment to decrypt the block, which he receives a reward. Even if the performance of the hardware is low, the participant receives a share in the total revenue, in accordance with his costs.

Why do people need mining pools?

If earlier you could mine a computer with average performance; now, considering the complexity of mining, it is necessary to have very powerful and expensive equipment or to connect pools.

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Types of mining pools

Analyzing the types of mining pools, miners typically divide into single and multiple coin pools. They differ in coins that they give me and the method that they collect power.

A single coin pool offers Mine customers only one type of cryptocurrency. For example, or

Multi-coin pools give miners an opportunity to maintain a pile of mine coins while maintaining efficiency between digital assets. Today some pools will automatically switch to the most profitable cryptocurrency and then convert profits to BTC.

Cloud mining pools

In addition to using mining pools, cloud mining is another effective option. This is the same cryptocurrency in mining pools, but with rented equipment. All users need to do is sign a contract and wait for the income to be earned.

Mining pools

While looking for a profitable mining pool, one should pay attention to the fees and payment systems the pool uses.

Bitcoin mining pools

There are many pools on the market; but not all of them have a trusted reputation. In this regard, we have selected the top 10 most reliable pools for Bitcoin mining.

Top 10 Bitcoin Mining Pools

Ethereum mining pools

Ethereum mining pools are collective groups of users who choose to collect their resources together for more efficient ETH mining.

Top 10 Ethereum Mining Pools


Generally, mining pools are an excellent option for passive earnings. Pool mining significantly increases the chances of success, which is currently particularly important when competition in the mining industry is incredibly tough, and the complexity of the network is growing continuously.