Wie to Mine Bitcoins?

Aug 27, 2019

How to mine bitcoins?

Why people mine Bitcoin?

It is the first cryptocurrency to become the ancestor of all forks and altcoins. This is the original digital asset that uses blockchain and encryption.

Why bitcoin? The attractiveness of this cryptocurrency lies in its functions.

Let us live briefly:

Tauschen Sie Kryptowährungen zum besten Kurs in wenigen Minuten aus

Let's have a little digression. When Bitcoin has appeared, no one is serious about the cryptocurrency. Very few people drew attention to the new technology.

But suppose these enthusiasts in Bitcoin and made their first investment. No one would have imagined that as soon as the new virtual coin would step over the line and even reach a value of $ 20,000. There are many stories that some programmers, out of interest, started my Bitcoin, and now they are incredibly rich.

How can you check whether mining is legal in your country?

The Coin Dance Portal conducted a study in different countries and reported that the first cryptocurrency is completely legal in at least 111 countries. Big news, isn't it?

Only three countries do not give Bitcoin legal status and it is only banned in Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Pakistan, Qatar, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Vanuatu and Vietnam. Bitcoin was given limited status in nine countries, but the list includes markets as large as China and.

Most of these countries simply have not determined cryptocurrencies' official status. So should you worry about the legality of Bitcoin mining? You can check their status at any time on the Münze Tanz website. However, we do not make any forecasts for the future. There are always risks, especially this applies to the cryptocurrency business.

Bitcoin mining calculator

Bitcoin Mining Calculator is an online program that calculates the miner's income, energy losses, amortization equipment costs and other parameters (depending on the service). The principle is simple: You specify a set of values ​​by which the system makes calculations and returns the results in tabular form

You can use this information to decide to buy cryptocurrency mining equipment. If the program shows low or "minus" profitability, then it is better to refuse this collection option or to improve the equipment.

Spoken in technical language, the Bitcoin mining calculator is a special algorithm that applications are already embedded and perform new parameter calculations. Depending on the complexity, the program only analyzes the specified parameters or current and future (likely) indicators in the cryptocurrency network (price, complexity, and so on).

In the process of calculation, the algorithm applies many variables that are constantly in motion and change throughout the day. The main parameters are the complexity, which changes the exchange rate (updated several times per hour) every 2,016 blocks and the premium for 1 mined BTC (changes every 4 years). Controlling these indicators will make your job easier because you only have to enter a few numbers. It is a great tool that can predict future profits.

Now let's talk about three ways to mine Bitcoin.

1 way: Buy Bitcoin mining software

A bit of theory. Typically, there are miners of the following types of software:

Join mining pool

Soon after the appearance of Bitcoin, miners vigorously realized that the process of earnings could be significantly accelerated if one did not trade alone. The benefits of this method were felt by those who even owned the high power equipment. After all, if you have, you constantly have to increase the hashrate by buying or improving the software. And it is impossible to do this infinitely, then we will talk about sky-high sums.

A mining pool is a server whose job is to share a large and difficult computational task in many easier ones and to distribute these small tasks to all devices connected to the network.

It turns out that the capacities of all participants work on a task at the same time and the chances of finding a block increase. Every miner, as far as possible, contributes to the common cause and then receives a reward, also in accordance with the funds invested.

When choosing a mining pool, it is important to have attention to its overall hashrate. The larger it is, the more likely the block is to close. Small pools have more chances of being successful than solo soloists.

It's very interesting! It is a subtype of the pool as a multipool. The multipool allows you to view my different coins and automatically turns into the most profitable when the user activates the appropriate setting.

2 ways: With cloud mining

This is an alternative for people who don't have $ 3-5,000 to buy equipment, but dream of making a profit on cryptocurrency mining. Cloud services are websites that Bitcoin and other mining companies offer. Employees of such organizations buy equipment, set it up, pay money for electricity and solve other related problems. Customers buy krafts and use it to my virtual coins.

The services costs depend on the company. For example, let's look at hashflare.io. The cost of 10 gigahash per second costs 60 cents. If you take 1 terahash per second, the cost of this solution will be $ 600. The advantages are:

Die Gefahr besteht darin, dass, wenn durch Cloud-Bergbau arbeiten, können Sie in Betrüger erhalten. Wenn Sie bewährte Dienstleistungen wählen, dann werden Sie sehen, dass fast alle ihre Kapazitäten ausverkauft. Ein weiteres Minus ist die Provisionen, die von der Gesellschaft zur Deckung der Kosten belastet werden. Es hängt alles von Ihrer Wahl. Also, sollten Sie mit Bedacht aus.

3 Way: Get Bitcoin-Mining-Software

Die meisten Cloud Mining Service bieten ihre Mitglieder mit up-to-date-Software. Allerdings empfehlen erfahren Bergleute, dass zusätzlich Anfänger Spezialwerkzeug verwenden, um die Leistung ihres PC-Prozessors zu überwachen. So gibt es fünf beliebtesten Bitcoin-Mining-Programme für 2019.

Nizza Hash MinerLegacy

Free Universal-App mit einer einfachen Schnittstelle. Es unterstützt mehrere Mining-Algorithmen, so ermöglicht es Ihnen, nicht von mir nur Bitcoin. Es gibt eine Funktion, um automatisch die profitabelsten Münze zum aktuellen Zeitpunkt aus.

Aufgrund seiner Einfachheit, Anfänger wie das Programm, obwohl Fachleute es für einen der besten Optionen. Es ist bemerkenswert, dass, egal welche Währung Sie erhalten, Zahlungen in BTC immer gemacht.

Claymore Dual Miner

Auch ein universelles und freies Open-Source-Programm. Es arbeitet mit Grafikkarten und die meisten altcoin Algorithmen unterstützt. Viele betrachten es als das wirksamste Instrument für Ether abgebaut werden.

Die Software ist besser geeignet für erfahrenen Anwender als für Anfänger. Es hat viele subtile Einstellungen, die deutlich Bergbau Effizienz steigern können.


Das einfachste Werkzeug mit einem leicht verständlichen Benutzeroberfläche. Es ermöglicht Ihnen, mein Bitcoin und mehrere andere Münzen. Easyminer mit Konsolenprogrammen kombiniert wie Minerd, Cudaminer, Ccminer, Cgminer. Arbeiten mit asics, Prozessoren, Grafikkarten.

Es hat einen Bitcoin Solo-Bergbau mit eigener Pool Auswahl. Das Programm zeigt auch detaillierte Informationen über den Prozess und die verdienten Mittel.


Eine multifunktionale kostenlose App, die für den Bergbau BTC und altcoins geeignet ist. Kompatibel mit GPU, FPGA, ASIC. Es verfügt über eine große Auswahl an Einstellungen, die Sie fein Schneider alles erlauben, Ihre Bedürfnisse anzupassen.

Es überwacht die Temperatur der Geräte, um die Geschwindigkeit von Kühlern. BFGMiner ermöglicht es Ihnen, in mehreren Pools gleichzeitig zu arbeiten. Es gibt Versionen für Windows und Linux. Das Programm eignet sich vor allem für Profis, da es ziemlich schwierig ist, zu konfigurieren.


Eines der ersten Programme seit 2011 arbeitet es Tausende von Enthusiasten geholfen, Geld zu verdienen. Von Anfang an, Cgminer nur für den Bitcoin-Algorithmus geeignet war -. SHA-256, aber später hat es andere Protokolle (. Neoscrypt, Phoenix, Cryptonight, usw.) verbunden

Die Software eine Konsole ist, das heißt, es nicht eine grafische Version. Die ganze Arbeit wird über die Kommandozeile. Wenn Sie sich wohler mit einer grafischen Oberfläche fühlen, dann können Sie optional das CGWatcher Programm installieren.

Anstelle einer Schlussfolgerung

Now you know about three popular ways to get my Bitcoin in 2019. The story is cyclical, and a new wave of hype can happen when Bitcoin again will cost $ 20,000 or even more. But for objective reasons we cannot make a clear forecast.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to join mining facilities or the pool. It is up to you

The only thing is that you can make money. But at the same time, there is a danger of being in an uncomfortable situation if the rate drops significantly and then the payback period will take longer than expected. Pay attention to this!