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Sep 09, 2019

Ethereum Constantinople hard fork + St.Petersburg upgrade

Ethereum and hard forks are expected to be 7,280,000 block height, on February 28th they will update Ethereum code base, reduce smart contracts execution costs and mining wages, add off-chain transactions and support.

This article will answer the following questions:

What is hard fork?

Hard fork is a code base to update. In order to fix the blockchain problems or add improvements, you have to make the changes in the core code.Usually, there are three main reasons for making a hard fork:

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Hardforking requires code change without backward compatibility. After the hard fork of all previous blockchain with all transactions are copied to the new rules and switched.

Ethereum Constantinople Fork

The Constantinople Ethereum hard fork is expected to be at 7,280,000 block height on February 28th.

After being postponed, Ethereum developers appear to be resolving the hacking vulnerability in EIP 1283.The fork will have an impact on mining wages, improved sharding and PoS mining. Full PoS support is expected to be implemented under the fork in the future, called Casper Update. No new coins will be created with a fork since it only includes upgrades for miners and knots, and the previous chain like no extinction will support me.

Constantinople fork improvements:

(EIP - Ethereum Enhancement Protocol).

More details about the changes can be found at

Ethereum St.Petersburg Fork

St. Petersburg, aside from the city's name, is another Ethereum hard fork that appear as the same block height and at the same time as the Constantinople Hart fork. This hard fork is designed to remove the 1283 EIP from the test nets. Ethereum developers are currently testing them before implementing both forks on the main network.

How can the fork affect ETH?

The bottom block rewards will be scarce earnings; also there will be an implementation of payment channels with smart contracts that will be the technological part of the asset pike up. Important price changes are not expected after the hard fork.

What will be with my ETH coin?

They are securely stored on your address and do not require any money transfer at all. The fork itself will not affect the amount of ETH you have.

Where to store ETH?

Atomic Wallet supports Ethereum hardforks and over 300 other coins and tokens including BTC, LTC, XRP, etc. you can easily secure, manage, exchange and buy Ethereum in one interface. You can also track your portfolio, monitor prices and transaction history. Atomic gives you full control over your assets by being encrypted on the device without the risk of custody.